The joint PerfTech and Interface Masters solution offers a cost-effective way to provide highly granular network visibility to CSPs, as well as time-critical account and marketing information to subscribers. Together, PerfTech and Interface Masters ensure a plug-and-play passive network communication solution for 1G and 10G Networks that provides network access and uptime, with intuitive and comprehensive user interfaces, reporting and alerts.

The Network TAP ports of the Interface Masters’ hybrid Network Packet Broker (NPB), Niagara 2804, connect to each side of one or multiple bi-directional 1G or 10G network links and transparently pass network traffic while ensuring network integrity and network uptime in case of any power failure, link loss or software crash via fail-to-wire protection. The appliance NPB ports (1G/10G flexible SFP+ ports) provide the ability to loadbalance, aggregate, filter and/or mirror the tapped Network traffic to one or multiple PerfTech Bulletin Directors. The Bulletin Director offers CSPs a highly effective means to deliver branded, in-browser communications; popular use cases include personalized message content regarding late-bill pay, data usage, modem swap, virus and outage alerts, copyright infringement and newly-acquired-subscriber migration. The integrated solution provides a seamless passive network visibility and communication solution tailored to CSPs.

“Interface Masters is pleased to partner with PerfTech to provide a solution suited to CSPs that provides subscriber management and messaging while ensuring uptime across all critical 1G and 10G network links with the ability to filter out unnecessary traffic ,” stated Aaron Nankin, Director of Business Development at Interface Masters Technologies. “The active TAP capabilities enables plug-and-play deployment and monitoring of multiple links at wire speed to take control of secure and granular subscriber management.”

“PerfTech and Interface Masters’ integrated network communication and visibility solution is unprecedented in the marketplace today for advanced in-browser messaging,” stated PerfTech Sales VP Jane Christ. “Interface Masters’ leading Network TAP and ‘PacketMaster’ technology enables CSPs to gain visibility into traffic and ensure uptime on any mission-critical network link for purposes of subscriber communications, especially valuable across the breadth of large-scale deployments.”

The PerfTech Bulletin Director + Interface Masters Niagara 2804 Network TAP/PacketMaster provides key benefits including:

  • Support for 10G & 1G Network TAP, Filtering, Mirroring, Aggregation, Loadbalancing and Speed Conversion between Network Links & PerfTech Bulletin Director
  • Plug & play, user-friendly Web GUI/Management
  • Delivery of time-critical account and marketing information to subscribers
  • Support for in-browser communication use cases such as late-bill pay, data usage, modem swap, virus alerts, outage alerts, and copy infringement
  • Network analytics, reporting and alerting