As Q3 2017 ended, PerfTech received a multi-million dollar order from one of its existing customers, a U.S.-based, top cable and broadband operator.  The order comprises subscriber licenses and equipment to provide PerfTech’s Bulletin System coverage across the operator’s entire current footprint, which has expanded roughly threefold since the original deployment.  Use cases for in-browser messaging will include transition messaging and branding to the operator’s acquired subscribers, as well as traditional communications related to usage, billing, maintenance, and other service-related areas.  The operator plans to complete deployment during Q4 of this year. 

“Significantly, this order comes as the result of a detailed study conducted by the legacy operator to analyze the effectiveness of in-browser communications across all of its messaging needs,” stated SVP of Sales, Jane Christ.  “Internal groups were able to affirm PerfTech’s contributions to implement usage-based revenues, shorten late-pay times, and deflect call center load, among other benefits.  It’s great to have internal groups marketing for you and essentially verifying the value of your product,” she added.