Since our first installation in 2001, PerfTech has been creating and supplying in-browser message templates for our customers—broadband cable, telco, and mobile providers.  These templates automatically format content appropriate to the recipient’s device screen-size.   

We decided to take a look at statistics from one of our large residential broadband customers to see which type of devices have received more in-browser messages:  small screen (phones) or larger screen (tablets, desktops, or laptops) devices. 

During the first 6 months of 2017 at this one customer, results showed:

Total messages rendered on all devices:     9,492,977

Total rendered on phones:                             5,351,511

Percent on phones:                                        56.37%   

Take away:  More than half of all in-browser messages are now delivered on phones.  According to many sources, this percentage will rise as phone-favoring, younger demographics mature.