We’ve seen this before:  mid-sized Internet providers often turn out to be more progressive in their operations than large ones.  One of our more recent customers bears this out.  While the provider serves primarily non-urban communities in multiple states, they are laser focused on offering the best next-generation services and speeds, as well as innovative methods of outreach to their subscribers.  Enter PerfTech, who filled the bill for their prolific communication needs and desires. 

Three primary use cases from among their extensive list include:

·       A survey to newly installed subscribers

·       Late-bill-pay notices

·       Usage notices for both post- and prepay plans


New Install Survey

Within a few days after installation, the new subscriber receives a brief in-browser message asking for feedback on their install experience.  If they agree, 9 questions display, such as how likely are they to recommend the provider.  Any problem indicated triggers an automatic escalation process to resolve it.

Results for 18 months ending June 2017: 

New install recipients who agree to take the survey:  17.6%

Percent who score from 6-10 as “likely to recommend”:  85.2%


Late Bill Pay Notices

When a monthly payment is overdue, the provider sends an in-browser notice with several action button options daily until resolved.  Note that nearly 40% (39.9%) acknowledge or take action immediately. 

Results for 8 months ending June 2017:

Respond “Ok thanks” to acknowledge:         16.8%

Choose  “Chat” to discuss immediately:         9.4%

Login to pay bill immediately:                         13.7%

Choose “Remind me later”:                             52.3%


Data Usage Alerts

The vast majority of the provider’s subscribers are on post-paid usage tiers.  In-browser alerts are delivered to let the subscriber know when they have reached 75%, 90%, and 100% of their monthly data allowance, with response actions as follows:

Results for 20 months ending June 2017:

Respond “Ok thanks” to acknowledge:         78.9%

Login to the data meter:                                   14.5%

Manage alert preferences (opt-in/out):             3.7%


Since deploying the PerfTech platform in 2015, this provider has delivered a broad scope of other in-browser communications to notify select markets or subscriber groups about general maintenance windows, modem swaps, digital or firmware upgrades, and even standalone events such as a fiber cut or flooding.  For the myriad of communication needs that arise, “let’s PerfTech that” has become the ready response.