Even though most broadband subscribers are aware of the perils of unsecured, residential wi-fi networks, many don’t take the time to properly secure them at installation, and then simply forget.  Early this year, a major North American broadband provider and PerfTech customer took steps to help subscribers pre-empt wi-fi security breaches before they occur. 

The provider first identifies those accounts that have not personalized the default network name and password supplied with their modem, then delivers an in-browser security alert reminding them to take the precaution, with a link to instructions on how to change the modem password and complete the update.  

The ongoing alert campaign has been running for 6 months, February to August.  The notice recurs every 4 hours until an action is taken.  The response rate has been nearly total and includes these results:

Number of alerts delivered to unique subscribers:        295,104
Percent who acknowledge the alert:                              81.7%
Percent who click to reset the password:                       16.8%
Total response rate:                                                        98.5%