In-browser messaging lets Internet Providers communicate proactively with their subscribers for a variety of reasons—usually with time-critical information.  That information is important for the subscriber to get, as it frequently impacts his pocket book or his service.  Still, let’s face it, many times those messages carry unwelcome news, such as “you’re about to hit a data threshold,” “your bill is past due,” or “someone in your household has violated a copyright.”  While these are “must-contact” moments, it’s important to communicate “good news” moments as well. 

A large North American provider recently did just that.  Over the span of a week in late fall, the provider delivered in-browser messages announcing upgraded speeds and increased data allowances—all delivered automatically, with no action required on the subscriber’s part, and free of charge.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, with 84.7% of recipients clicking to acknowledge their approval.

In sum, to improve the customer experience and build loyalty with interactive communication, include messages of “good news” when relevant and applicable.  Creating these positive touch-points can help lengthen the subscriber life-span, and ultimately, the bottom line.