During Q4 2017, PerfTech received expansion orders from two of its largest U.S.-based broadband operator-customers.  In addition, the company added a Midwestern operator to its roster as a new customer.

The largest order was placed by an existing customer to expand PerfTech’s in-browser messaging system to cover over 2 million acquired subscribers, enabling the operator to standardize communications for many use cases across the operator’s entire footprint.  Message content will include branding and traditional information, such as usage and billing data, maintenance times, and other service information.  The order comprises subscriber licenses and equipment.  An order placed by a separate operator-customer adds .5 million additional subscriber licenses to its system to accommodate market growth.  Lastly, a reseller procured an order from a regional operator in the Midwest wishing to communicate via the PerfTech system.

“PerfTech’s knowledgeable top-tier customer base continues to invest in our state-of-the-art in-browser messaging system,” said SVP of Sales, Jane Christ, “a gratifying testament to the platform’s effectiveness and scalability, as well as to the PerfTech team’s support.”