For three of PerfTech’s regional North-American ISP customers, giving their Internet subscribers a quick heads up regarding new service information is fundamental to keeping subscribers informed and happy.  Because new, in-browser content is easy to create, and the company’s in-browser platform continues to enjoy over 97% reach within 24 hours, PerfTech was the exclusive messaging vehicle of choice.  In early February, each ISP respectively launched a new campaign via in-browser messaging that resulted in the following response rates:

ISP:  U.S. Regional Telco
CAMPAIGN:  Announce speed increases across 3 different Internet plans without raising rates
RESPONSE RATE:  71.6%; in addition, numerous subscribers called the ISP to thank them personally

ISP:  U.S. Mid-tier Cable Provider
CAMPAIGN:  Announce minor changes to usage-related overage charges

ISP:  U.S. Regional Cable Provider
CAMPAIGN:  Announce standard, annual rate card and channel line-up without raising rates at this time

NOTE: The response rate reflects the percentage of delivered messages to which the subscriber actively selected a response such as “Ok, thanks” versus the “close” button.