Following up on a patent award recently granted to PerfTech, the San Antonio Business Journal (SABJ) requested an interview that was fielded by PerfTech co-founder and VP Jonathan Schmidt, point-man for the company’s bank of patent filings and awards.

Jonathan, formerly an EVP of Research and Development at Datapoint Corporation in the 80’s, related the history of the team of engineers who began careers there and remained together through several decades and two successful startups.  The team, some of whose members helped pioneer ARCNET and essentially local-area networking, has become a prolific hub of technical innovation, hiring and mentoring new talent along the way.  Of the two dozen patents that the team has been granted since PerfTech was founded in 2001, the most recent relates to technology that counts devices behind a Wi-Fi router and thus can help a telecommunications operator detect Wi-Fi-account sharing by Internet subscribers.  

The article was published in SABJ’s July 6, 2018, issue.