From September 2018 to January 2019, one of PerfTech’s large ISP customers launched a series of short-run message campaigns designed both to reward and please their subscribers. A total of 14 loyalty message campaigns, each delivered during time windows of 4 to 12 days, were staggered during approximately 5 months. The content of the messages varied, but generally announced a free promotional offering through the end of the year of a channel or service, such as Disney or HBO, or a free permanent inclusion of something new, such as the Tennis Channel. Subscribers were under no obligation to respond to the informational messages, as the perks were automatic, but could click a “Got it” button to confirm receipt. Results were as follows:

Total “loyalty-perk” messages delivered: 5,899.050
Total unique subscribers who received them: 2,079,641
Percentage who clicked “Got it”: 11.93%

While a more detailed response was not measurable, the ISP reported that many remarks of appreciation were expressed to customer support, and observed that building up good will with the subscriber is always a valuable thing, helping make future interactions smooth and fostering loyalty.