In the eternal search for ways to foster subscriber loyalty and nip any thoughts of churn, one of PerfTech’s ISP customers began a mini-campaign to offer a free, automatic speed boost to subscribers identified as possibly at-risk following a customer contact event. Speed hikes of 100 Mbps over the subscriber’s current speed plan were automatically enabled for a period of 6 months.

The speed boosts were accompanied by a brief, upbeat, in-browser announcement, scheduled for delivery a maximum of 3 times. No response was required of the subscriber, however “Got it” and “Close” buttons were included, with positive results as follows:

Speed Gift Level Got It % Close % Total Engagement %
To 200 Mbps: 19.6% 46.5% 66.1%
To 300 Mbps: 23.6% 45.2% 68.8%
To 400 Mbps: 24.7% 45.5% 70.2%