Another ISP customer, this time a regional operator, is using PerfTech’s in-browser messaging to make subscribers aware of its annually updated rate card and channel lineup. One such campaign was run during 2018, and currently the 2019 campaign is ongoing. The messages contain buttons labeled ‘Received’, ‘View rate card’, and ‘View channel lineup’; the selection of any one of these three buttons stops further message delivery. In other words, only one of these actions could be taken per unique subscriber. Two other available button selections include ‘Close’ and ‘Remind me later’, however selecting either of these results in the redelivery of the message at a later time. Action results by unique subscribers show:

ACTION BUTTON 2018 2019 (so far)
Received 21.6% 20.2%
View channel lineup 2.0% 4.0%
View rate card 29.8% 23.4%
TOTAL 53.4% 47.6%

Note that approximately half of message deliveries resulted in a positive, one-time action as shown above. It is interesting to note that about 25% of deliveries resulted in viewing updated rates, versus only 2-4% viewing the new channel lineup.