A regional operator and PerfTech customer recently launched two in-browser message campaigns related to their email service. One campaign announced an overnight maintenance event, while a second, quick follow-on campaign announced the potential need to reset one’s email password to continue use. The two campaigns each ran for four days; the second began the day following the launch of the first (the initial maintenance alert). Both in-browser messages offered ‘OK, Thanks’ and ‘Close’ buttons, in addition to the ISP’s direct, customer-support phone number to call for help. Button results were as follows:

Ok, thanks 27.2% 31.5%
Close 23.3% 26.0 %
TOTAL RESPONSE 50.5% 57.5%

More than half of message deliveries resulted in a one-time action as shown above. While PerfTech has no knowledge of the number of message recipients who phoned in, that number could only increase the total response percentage.