As a perk to further reward broadband subscribers for their continued patronage, a top-ten ISP launched a series of in-browser message campaigns that announced the availability of newly added channels, both streaming and video, to access free of charge. Each of the message campaigns introduced so far ran separately for approximately a week, and each offered a different type of channel to appeal to subscribers’ varied interests. The three combined campaigns reached approximately 3.5M subscribers, with results as follows:

Got it / Sign me up 9.7% 12.2% 15.4%
Not interested 5.8% 9.8% 18.6%
TOTAL ACTIVE RESPONSE 25.5% 22.0% 34.0%

While not all message recipients were interested in a particular channel offered, approximately 10% to 15% responded positively, and overall active response came in at 25% to 34%, a figure that prompted the ISP’s staff to remark that, for these types of outreach communications, “PerfTech is the only way to go, the platform of choice.”