In 2001, PerfTech designed and developed both the software and hardware to create a comprehensive in-browser messaging product called Bulletin System. Over the past decade, continuous upgrades and new features have been added to make Bulletin System the fastest, most scalable, robust, and reliable solution of its kind. No other solution has been proven to meet the time-critical communication needs and performance that Bulletin System delivers to its ISP customers worldwide every day.

Sample purposes and message types include:

Bandwidth Usage

  • Customized alerts for prepaid, pay-as-you-go or tier usage
  • Subscriber notification preferences
  • Tier or incremental upgrade activation

Avoid bill shock, keep subscribers informed, and add revenue through upgrades.

Service Information

  • Planned maintenance outages
  • Modem upgrade campaigns
  • Educational “how-to” information

Avoid subscriber frustration when changes to the network are necessary and increase profit by reducing call center load.

Billing and Account Status

  • Late pay notices
  • Credit card or promotion expiration
  • Terms of Service changes

Drastically reduce collection times; subscribers respond quickly to in-browser notices, boosting revenues.

Marketing, Promotions, and Branding

  • New product introductions and trials
  • Internet Watermark™ to promote the ISP brand
  • Cross-platform new channel line-ups or events

Supplement any marketing campaign with brief, effective in-browser promotions while saving cost and long lead-times of production and delivery.

Security and Community

  • Virus alerts and outbound spam containment
  • Copyright infringement notifications
  • EAS weather/Amber alerts from automated feeds

Immediately alert subscribers to security threats that impact their devices and the network; save cost related to mandatory notices; offer optional local alerts

Subscriber Retention

  • Welcome or transition messaging for new subscribers
  • Guides to information on the ISP’s portal
  • Online surveys to obtain feedback

Keep subscribers engaged, reduce churn, and drive traffic to your portal.

Revenue Extenders

  • Search-enhancement monetization, not using DNS
  • Network-based parental control packages
  • Third-party advertising for subsidized access

Add revenue through PerfTech packages that incorporate added functionality with flagship messaging.

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