The consumer voice is louder than ever. Social media, live-chat, and emerging forms of customer support are changing the game in every facet of the service industry. Trusted recommendations and geographic location have long dictated one's carrier, but with urban sprawl comes greater competition. PerfTech recognizes this as a key opportunity for ISPs: enabling proactive, personalized service information with direct opt-in/out capability can benefit all parties involved, reducing long lead times associated with direct marketing and giving subscribers a seamless experience.


Given the exponential growth of data demands on Provider networks today, we prioritize their needs first. PerfTech has built-in capabilities to scale, interface, and integrate with other network systems, resulting in a "hands-free" setup for automated yet personalized communications. Unique to Bulletin System™, every message display is time-stamped and logged per individual subscriber. There's not a better source for delivery metrics and proven message effectiveness in the industry today. Let us help you craft the perfect campaign for your in-house needs.