As the debate vis-à-vis responsibility to stop copyright piracy across operator networks plays out, many ISPs are re-assessing their notification policies with a goal to better manage the process.    

Many ISPs in North America use the PerfTech Bulletin System platform to deliver in-browser, DMCA notices to offending subscribers.  ISPs prefer this system because it verifies each in-browser notice delivery with a logged time-stamp and logs the subscriber response, providing needed acknowledgement data.   

Since each ISP uses the PerfTech platform in an individual way—creating their own notification content, action options, and schedule--varying results are produced.  However, each generates statistics that showcase the effectiveness of Bulletin System for this application.  Included here are results from 3 separate ISP customer profiles:  a top-tier ISP, a mid-size ISP, and a small ISP.


Profile 1:  Top-Tier ISP

Time period of stats:  August 2016 – December 2016  (4 months)

Result summary:  Sequence of 4 notices resolves almost 99% of copyright abuse subscribers

One top-tier ISP uses a 4-tier notification strategy, as follows:

1.     A notice of a first-offense copyright violation is sent once daily until acknowledged

2.     Those for whom a second offense has been noted are sent another violation notice, once daily until acknowledged

3.     Those who violate for a third time are sent a more insistent message

4.     Any subscriber who has violated copyright for a 4th time is sent a disconnection notice that includes the date of service cut-off

The percent of offending subscribers who received each level of notice are:                                    

Notice 1                                   100.0 %                                              

Notice 2                                     51.7 %                                              

Notice 3                                     21.3 %                                              

Notice 4                                       1.3 %                                  

The accumulative results of action-button selections across all notice tiers are: 

Link to the Acceptable Use Policy:                01.5 %

Acknowledge:                                                  73.0 %

See specific infringement information:          14.8 %

Total interaction rate:                                      89.4 %


Profile 2:  Mid-Size ISP

Time period of stats:  March 2016 – December 2016  (7 months)

Result summary:  86.7% overall interaction rate

            A mid-size ISP customer delivers customized copyright infringement notices as violations are reported to them, but without using a progression of message content.  The percentage of subscribers who chose each of the available action options are:

I have read this message:                               57.5 %

Remind me later:                                               14.1 %

See specific infringement information:          15.0 %

Total interaction rate:                                       86.7 %


Profile 3:  Small ISP

Time period of stats:  October 2014 – December 2016  (26 months)

Result summary:  93.7% acknowledge rate

            A small ISP also delivers customized copyright violation notices, but with only one action button:  to acknowledge.  The message can be closed, in which case it will be redelivered on a scheduled basis.