It’s one of those moments when broadband subscribers are most prone to procrastination:  modem-swap time.  Even though the promise of faster speeds and smoother reception looms large, it usually takes multiple and persistent communications from ISPs to precipitate action.  It’s no surprise that this has become one of the most popular use cases for PerfTech’s in-browser messaging.  We looked at two recent and ongoing modem-swap campaigns to gage response and progress:

Profile 1:  Top-Tier MSO

Time period of stats:  February 2017 through April 2017  (3 months)

Result summary: 49.0% took action to swap modems during first 3 months

A top-tier MSO customer sends modem-swap notices in separate rounds lasting 10 days each, with a few days between rounds.  Using this strategy lets the MSO phase the swap scheduling to better accommodate customer service.  Each notice includes actionable buttons to Remind Me Later or to Swap Modem; the latter links to specific instructions and location information.  Subscribers who take action to swap modems during or after each round are omitted from the recipient list for subsequent rounds.  Statistics from 7 rounds of messaging over a 3-month time period were analyzed with these results:

·       Summed number of unique recipients for the 7 rounds:          72,559

·       Summed number who clicked “Remind me later”:                   55,753 – 76.8%

·       Summed number who clicked “Swap Modem”:                       24,652 – 34.0%

·       Number of recipients still on list after 3 months:                      37,010 – a drop of 49.0%

 Profile 2:  Small Telco

Time period of stats:  February 2017 through April 2017(3 months)

Result summary:  39.0% took action to Get Started with modem swap

 A small telco sends a modem swap message on a daily basis with two actionable buttons, to Close or to Get Started.  The Get Started button links to a web page with instructions and locations to return the old and pick up the new modem.  Each week, the recipient list is updated to remove those who have completed the swap, and to add more subscribers who need to perform a swap.  At the end of the first 3-month period, 39.0% of message recipients had elected to Get Started.


Given the task of incentivizing subscribers to take physical actions to de-install, swap, and reinstall a new modem, both PerfTech ISP customers believe they have achieved and continue to achieve impressive results using in-browser messaging.