The current release of PerfTech’s Bulletin System, Version 4.1, entailed a complete rewrite based on a 64-bit operating system, resulting in boosting performance and capacity exponentially.  Now, the upcoming Version 4.2 offers the same dramatic makeover to the product’s user interface and reporting tool. 

Highlighting Version 4.2, the Console 4 interface represents a total rewrite and redesign, sporting a modern, responsive look and feel.  Its new capabilities include an interactive template-bulletin builder and editor—both with dynamic preview—and policy scheduler.  New message creation, automatically generated in multiple formats, is now easy and fast.  In addition, Console 4 no longer uses Java and now utilizes SSL.    

To expand reporting capabilities, the internal history database was redesigned for greater efficiency and flexibility.  A modern, highly graphic new reporting tool called Bstats (Bulletin statistics) is now integrated into Console 4, enabling ISP customers to monitor and analyze bulletin campaign data in real time from any or multiple policies by any event and/or response-action criteria that are logged in the system’s history files.  Multiple history file instances may be defined, each with its own destination, output format, and attributes, enabling multiple departments for example, to extract the data useful to them.    

Numerous enhancements to SNMP enable more comprehensive monitoring of the health and performance of Bulletin System devices, important in many large networking environments.  Additionally, several changes improve performance and, in some instances, produce up to a 50% increase in capacity.  To streamline upgrades between Bulletin System product lines, backups may now be restored between equivalent devices across the product line.

Version 4.2 has been deployed in the networks of two major U.S. broadband customers for approximately 5 months, with official release anticipated by late August.