In an exercise to determine the effectiveness of PerfTech’s in-browser messaging capabilities, a major ISP customer recently conducted a controlled test in 2 of its markets to determine which type of notification method generated the fewer number of support calls. They conducted the tests using 2 sets of content criteria:
Content 1: a maintenance-related upgrade notification
Content 2: the ISP’s top 10 support-call drivers related to a variety of service issues
Calls were monitored across a 4-day window for both sets of content, across the 2 markets, with results as follows:

% Change in Number of Support Calls compared to those Not Notified at all:
Market 1 Email alert In-browser alert
Content 1: 29.4% drop 51.7% drop
Content 2: 33.5% drop 52.2% drop

Market 2 Email alert In-browser alert
Content 1: 5.7% increase 31.4% drop
Content 2: 3.6% increase 32.7% drop

In sum, Market 1 observed an average of approximately 20% fewer calls to support after receiving an in-browser alert versus an email alert. The results in Market 2 were more pronounced: delivering an email alert resulted in a slight increase in support calls versus not sending any type of notification, whereas an in-browser alert resulted in approximately 32% fewer calls, a drop of over 36% compared to email alerts. The test served to positively confirm the success of PerfTech’s messaging platform in reducing support-call costs, one of several value factors that the platform brings to ISPs.