Surveys are a popular vehicle for a business to gain insight into customer satisfaction, identify service issues, and measure corrective efforts, if needed. One ISP customer of PerfTech’s in-browser messaging platform has been using a survey for several years to gain subscriber feedback after all new customer installations. Recently, this ISP added another survey-based use case: it now asks for feedback after each home service appointment.

A brief, in-browser message asks the subscriber to take the survey to which the subscriber can respond: Close, No Thanks, Remind Me Later, or Yes. Choosing Yes causes the message to expand to display seven follow-on questions, at the conclusion of which the subscriber may choose to Submit Survey. Those who select No Thanks or Submit Survey do not receive the message ever again; if the subscriber selects Close or Remind Me Later, or if the message is closed passively due to browsing, the message redisplays following a configurable interval. The campaign is scheduled to run on an ongoing basis.

After 10 weeks, responses—other than Close or Remind Me Later—by unique subscribers were as follows:

No Thanks: 58.1%
Submit Survey: 12.3%
Total responses: 70.4%

With over 12% taking the time to submit a completed survey, the ISP customer gets relevant feedback to continue interaction with the subscriber.The survey includes a Net Promoter Score question and two open-ended questions; all provide the ISP with valuable information for taking the next step to communicate by phone with any unhappy customer, and to quickly remediate any issue.