Executing modem-swap campaigns is one of the top 3 use cases for which PerfTech’s in-browser messaging product has proven to deliver compelling results. Recently, one of PerfTech’s large ISP customers realized that a number of leased-modem subscribers were lagging in completing their upgrade. An in-browser message campaign was prepared to target this group, urging them to order the free modem upgrade online or by contacting the ISP directly. The campaign consisted of 3 consecutive rounds of messages, each delivered for 4 days and approximately a week apart.

The first 2 rounds, scheduled a week apart, asked the subscriber to click a button to “order on-line”, to “close”, to “remind me later”, or to “contact us” via online chat or a direct phone number, with the results below. Note that “contact us” results were not measurable by Bulletin System.

Button Round 1 Round 2
Order Online 17.9% 11.6%
Close 9.2% 15.7%
Remind Me Later 31.8% 31.4%
Contact Us unknown unknown

For Round 3, rather than ask the subscriber to initiate the modem order, the ISP would automatically ship the needed modem, sending an in-browser message to notify recipients that it was coming, with these results:

Button Round 3
OK Thanks 40.2%
Close 18.0%
Remind Me Later 17.1%
Contact Us unknown

While the total number of subscribers who ordered online with the click of a button combined with those who contacted the ISP directly as a result of the in-browser message is not known to Bulletin System, there is a meaningful way to analyze this sum: as orders were received, respective recipients were removed. Thus, counting the number of message recipients for each round shows significant reductions, as follows:

Round 1 to Round 2 Round 2 to Round 3 Round 1 to Round 3
Drop of 29.6% Drop of 59.0% Drop of 71.1%

Note that, prompted by the in-browser message, 70+% of leased-modem subscribers had already ordered a modem upgrade by the time the ISP decided to automatically ship to the remaining subs, illustrating the evident success of the 3-round campaign.