In order to improve speeds, reliability, and security, many ISPs have launched campaigns during the past several years to upgrade their subscribers’ equipment to Docsis 3.x levels.  The process that entails the order, delivery or pick-up, and installation of new equipment can take months and more to complete on a network-wide basis.  After successfully upgrading the vast majority—99.6%—of its base using PerfTech’s in-browser messaging platform, one Internet operator took a final step to bring the last .4% on board:  they launched a campaign to count down the days until the date that service to the older modems was discontinued.  Using PerfTech’s built-in scheduler, the entire campaign was easily implemented with a single policy.

The operator had two groups of subscribers:  those who rented (38%), and those who owned their own modems (62%).  Each received similar messages, but the modem-owners group included information buttons describing 5 vendor-specific modems.  Note that “Remind me later,” an always-popular option that temporarily dismisses the message, could be chosen more than once, resulting in a potential response above 100%.

                                    Modem-Renters                      Modem-Owners
Remind me later:            44.8%                                      51.5%
I understand:                  32.7%                                       56.1%
Modem info:                   not available                            15.0%
TOTAL RESPONSE:       77.5%                                      122.6%

Given the urgency of subscribers’ facing a service interruption, the operator chose to include their customer service number in the alerts to this last-to-act group, an option that undoubtedly enhanced the response rates to even higher levels.

In sum, coupled with the in-browser, modem-swap campaigns during previous months across its many markets, the operator successfully achieved its goals of:

  • comprehensive outreach,
  • ample notice and supporting information to subscribers, and
  • 99.8+% modem upgrade completion.