At the beginning of summer this year, a mid-eastern U.S. regional, full-service operator introduced usage-based Internet tiers.  To keep subscribers informed of their account’s current data usage, in-browser alerts are displayed when 80%, 90%, and 100% of their data thresholds are reached. 

Each personalized usage alert is designed to give subscribers a heads-up on usage thresholds with the opportunity to see upgrade options before their data allowance is used up.  Response-button options are:

  • OK, thanks:  indicates acknowledgement
  • Show meter:  links to a logon to view current usage
  • Tier options:  links to information about data plans (this button not included at 100%)

For the first 3 months (June through August) of active usage alerting, response rates were:

USAGE LEVEL                  80%                 90%                100%
Ok thanks                        26.5%              28.4%              49.3%            
Show meter                     27.8%              23.9%              46.1%
Tier options                     16.0%              17.1%                not included
TOTAL                             70.3%              69.4%              97.8%                        

Note that, of the operator’s total subscriber population across 3 states: 

  • 5.7% reached 80% of their data allowance
  • 4.5% reached 90%
  • 3.5% reached 100%, after which they were charged $5 for each additional 50GB increment

In sum, fewer than 6% of the regional operator’s subscribers reached data usage levels of 80% or higher.  Of those who did receive in-browser usage alerts, response rates were very high—roughly 70% at usage levels of 80% and 90%, and nearly 98% response at 100% usage—a phenomenal response rate by any measure.