PerfTech’s ISP customers purchase Bulletin System, the company’s in-browser messaging platform, to reach their subscribers with personalized service and account information. One of the top three most popular use cases for message campaigns relates to late-bill-pay. Because messages may render on any device associated with the subscriber’s account, ISPs frequently ask how often the messages are received by the significant account-holder, a statistic that is not readily available. While PerfTech provides templates and frequently helps ISPs customize their message content, the ISP ultimately determines the verbiage for the campaign.

So, one large ISP customer has decided just to ask! For the past six months, this customer has delivered to overdue subscribers an early pay reminder that first asks if the message recipient is the account-holder. If the recipient responds “no,” the message is closed and redelivered to the same subscriber account at a later time. If the response is “yes,” the message box expands to address the issue. From April through September 2018, the results show:

Total message deliveries: 713,171
“No” responses: 177,217 or 24.8%
“Yes” responses: 535,954 or 75.2%