As demand for streaming broadband grows steadily, ISPs continually launch modem upgrade campaigns to keep subscribers outfitted with the latest equipment and greatest speeds.  Several aspects of these campaigns rely on effective reach and communication with the subscriber, including:  awareness of new modem capabilities, availability, how to acquire and how to install.  In fact, modem swap campaigns have become one of the most frequently requested use cases for PerfTech’s in-browser messaging. 

Beginning this May, one major ISP customer began delivering in-browser messages to inform subscribers that new modems were being shipped to them free-of-charge.  An important factor is to coordinate delivery windows with opportune information on how to self-install, with the goal to help the subscriber get up and running quickly while minimizing the call load to customer support.  The in-browser message includes a link to see instructions to do just that.

The info campaign has been implemented using 10 policies launched during successive weeks to targeted recipient groups of varying size.  The first phase of 7 policies preceded a second phase of 4 policies, with these results:

Phase 1:   Click to self-install:  12.0%
Phase 2:  Click to self-install:  17.3%

As the campaign progressed, more subscribers had received their new modems, and were more prepared to act, as the later phase consistently showed a higher percentage choosing to view the self-install instructions.  The ISP customer was happy with the subscriber response and reduced need for assistance.  In addition, as the in-browser message also noted that install directions were included with the modem, there are likely an additional percentage of subscribers who were able to install using solely the instructions in the box.