An in-browser message targeted to a subscriber account will display on the first connected device that actively browses. For many outreach messages from the ISP, especially regarding usage, upgrades, or billing, it’s important to reach the account holder. One way to find them is to simply ask! One of PerfTech’s ISP customers did just that, beginning a late-bill message with “Are you the account holder?” and including “Yes” and “No” response options. If the busy viewer bypasses the message by browsing to another tab or closing the current tab without responding, the message is redelivered at the next opportunity.

PerfTech followed the campaign for 3 months, beginning in December of 2018, with these results:

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Total message displays: 693,589 716,861 568,621
% of total who chose “no”: 29.8% 31.3% 31.3%
% of total who chose “yes”: 9.6% 9.0% 8.9%
% of total who responded: 39.4% 40.3% 40.2%

Below is the number of unique subscriber accounts who received the message, which divided into the total message displays above results in the average number of displays before a response occurred. When the number choosing “yes”, that is, confirming to be the account holder, is compared to the number of unique subscriber accounts who received the message, the response percentage is much higher:

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Total # of unique subscribers: 110,730 107,410 91.065
Average displays/unique sub: 6.3 displays 6.7 displays 6.2 displays
% of unique subs saying “yes”: 60.2% 60.2% 55.8%

Once a subscriber responds “yes”, a new window to the message opens with a confidential note regarding the late bill pay status, and two options are available: one to “close” the message, and one to “login” to the account. Note that once the new window opens, response rates are quite high:

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
% of “yes” who chose “close”: 59.4% 59.0% 58.9%
% of “yes” who chose “login”: 25.0% 23.9% 24.8%
% of “yes” who responded: 84.4% 82.9% 83.7%

In sum, approximately 60% of unique subscribers responded that they were indeed the account holder, and of those, more than 80% took an action after reading the late-bill message, with about 25% of them logging into their account immediately, reflecting the effectiveness of the messaging platform.