In a published online report outlining total broadband subscribers at the end of 1Q 2019, as well as net new adds during the same time, the Leichtman Research Group listed the top seven cable providers according to broadband subscriber counts, in order as follows:

Cable ONE

Among dozens of PerfTech provider customers, we are proud to report that five of the seven listed above are long-term users of PerfTech’s in-browser messaging platform, Bulletin System. Active in-browser campaigns across these providers include messaging for modem-swap programs, usage-based billing, late bill-pay, network maintenance, security, acquired-subscriber introductions, customer satisfaction surveys, free speed boost promotions, and loyalty perks, to name a few. Bulletin System has successfully delivered billions of in-browser messages to these providers’ respective subscribers.

Each provider-customer has used Bulletin System for at least 5 years and up to 14 years. The longevity of our relationships serves not only as a testament to the quality and scalability of the product, but to the high level of support that PerfTech extends to each one.