PerfTech will soon release Version 4.3 of Bulletin System, the in-browser messaging platform used by ISPs to reach more combined subscribers in North America than any other product of its type. PerfTech’s customer roster includes 5 of the 7 top cable broadband providers named by the Leichtman Research Group this year.

Version 4.3 includes 3 major new features:
• Built-in support for 5th Generation hardware
• An integrated, graphical reporting tool
• Support for a new application for data logging and analysis, Audit Sentry

G5 Support
Fifth generation hardware will offer performance that is approximately 5 times faster than the current hardware. Version 4.3 will be able to take advantage of G5 hardware immediately when that hardware becomes available.

Integrated Graphical Reporting
PerfTech’s real-time reporting tool, Bulletin Statistics (BStats), has been integrated into the Bulletin System Manager’s Console interface, accessed via a bar-graph icon. The redesigned BStats sports a highly graphical, colorful view on a black background of the ISP’s selected policy (or policies), message deliveries, and subscriber responses across any specified time window. Graphical donut charts automatically compute and display the percentage of each response option relative to the number of deliveries. BStats thus enables the ISP to easily gauge campaign effectiveness in real time.

Real-Time Data Logging and Analysis
Bulletin System Version 4.3 supports PerfTech’s Audit Sentry, a new network traffic diagnostic tool for ISPs that captures, logs, stores, and aggregates streaming web request data in real time for further analysis relevant for various ISP operations. Using Audit Sentry, the ISP can gain insight into their network’s Internet traffic with the goal to manage security issues, better position their offerings, market them effectively, manage the customer experience, and generate additional advertising-related revenue. Audit Sentry runs exclusively within the Bulletin System platform resident in the ISP’s secure network. The tool’s carrier-grade performance and vast storage capabilities support the largest of ISP networks with tens of millions of subscribers.

Other Enhancements
Besides the previous 3 major items, Version 4.3 includes approximately 100 minor refinements and fixes; the bulk of these constitute enhancements to the Console interface, with some applying to Bulletin System’s CLI and DBCLI.